How to Use Cloudways Promo Code

How To Use Cloudways Promo Code To Grab 20% Discount?

Today, we are going to see how to use Cloudways promo code to grab a 20% discount on Cloudways hosting.

The popularity of blogs is increasing day by day, be it for individual or business. The blog holds great potential to influence a large audience on the internet. People daily spend their 5-6 hours or more using the internet and this open a door of opportunity for business to reach to their audience through the internet.

How to Use Cloudways Promo Code

Why Create A Blog?

A blog is like a business representative that shows how the product or service is. It allows the business to reach every doorstep of the customers without actually going anywhere. That is why there is huge chaos in creating and managing online business blogs.

Creating a blog seems very simple and it is, but few things should be taken care before creating the blog. the core components that most affect the blog performance and growth is a web hosting.

Web hosting is underrated. Most of the people don’t even bother to choose the right web hosting for their blog. their main goal is to only host the blog and then start decorating the blog themes and looks.

They don’t know that for getting the maximum result, the blog should be able to compete in the market and for that, a powerful web hosting is required.

Importance Of Web Hosting In Blog’s Growth

Now, many of us may be wondering, how a web hosting is important for the growth of the blog? the answer to that is, web hosting is responsible for the performance of the blog. if the web hosting will provide low-quality services then the blog will display the same.

So, if you want to improve the blog performance then first choose the right web hosting. you have hundreds of options on web hosting.  due to the popularity of the blogs, many web hosting companies have established in years and it becomes harder to find the best.

so, today we will help you to choose the best web hosting as well as will show you how you can grab a 20% discount.

The web hosting which we are going to see is-Cloudways. We choose Cloudways because we have been using it for many years and have found It very reliable and powerful. Due to their low budget plans, it becomes possible for beginners also to use it.

Unlike other web hosting that offers expensive services and it becomes impossible for small and medium level bloggers to purchase it. So we selected Cloudways as the best option for all level bloggers.


The only managed cloud hosting, where you don’t have to manage anything. The Cloudways will handle all the things for you. You only have to choose the hosting plan and then you are free to do whatever you do best. And after that, you don’t have to ever look at the server. It will be managed by the Cloudways administrator.

Cloudways provides cloud services of top 5 cloud companies- AWS( Amazon Web Service), Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, Vultr, and Linode.  The option will be given to you at the time of setup. So that you can select your preferred cloud service and then you don’t have to anything. Just sit back and see how Cloudways is managing the server for you.


Cloudways is designed to provide superfast services and make the blog run faster. Cloudways uses SSD drives and the CDN system to boost the speed of the blog. so, you don’t have to worry about the blog’s speed. It is one of the fastest recommend web hosting in the market.

The traffic on the blog doesn’t affect the speed and performance of the blog. the servers are capable of handling any amount of traffic.


Cloudways is providing their best services for many long years and thus bloggers have formed huge trust on it. So there is no question on the reliability of Cloudways. It will never let you down and you can have solid trust for all your blogs.


When you will face any kind of problem, doesn’t matter what is the time? You will get instant help from the Cloudway support team. They are active for 24 hours and 365 days.  The best thing is that the have multilingual support, means you can get support in your language.

Making it ones of the best support service for all countries and there is several options to get connected with them.


Cloudways is like a magical bag where tons of features are loaded and you can get them for free. They offer premium services like CDN system, Premium WordPress cache plugin, daily backups, SSD storage space, free SSL certificate, and many more features.

Cloudways hosting is the complete starter pack for the beginner as it has all the components which require for building a professional blog. after buying the Cloudways hosting plan, you don’t have to buy any additional component or service to use on your blog. you are getting more than what you are paying for. It is the best deal for bloggers.

Cloudways Promo Code

if many people are not convinced by the premium features, they will become now. Cloudways gives many Cloudways promo codes all over the internet. Through the promo code, user can activate their discount offer and get the Cloudways hosting in 20% discounted price.

So, if you want to save more money in your pocket, then Cloudways allows doing so.  You are getting lots of premium features and still, you have a chance to save some more money on the hosting. who doesn’t like to save money? Right! It is the best deal you can get from Cloudways.

The method of using Cloudways promo code is very simple, just find a valid Cloudways promo code and then choose a hosting plan and at the time of check, paste the code. After that, you will see that the actual price is reduced and a 20% discount is applied.

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